Long time no write

I should be writing here more. The blog used to be my place to deal with problems or to write about stuff I was thinking about.

There are several causes to the emptiness of this place:

a) I stopped posting when I got really stressed out with work … because most of the time I was posting from work. Now that is getting better but …

b) World of Warcraft: not that it uses up my time at home, but I also surf around the web for information about it, post to our guild’s forum and generally spent my short surf breaks at work with looking for WoW stuff.

c) Too many people know about this. Many interesting things I would like to write about are for different audiences. And my audience small as it is is very diverse. People from WoW know the blog, my family does, my boy-friend, my friends, my colleagues … random people come by here sometimes, some of my classmates from school know the blog … how do you write for such an audience? Some don’t want to here about my java issues at work, others dislike WoW … the WoW people wouldn’t be interested in …. oh well I should have lived in blissful ignorance or better yet anonymity.

d) The server breakdown last august somehow increased my demotivation to write.

e) I don’t read so many blogs anymore, see c)

f) Part of the fun of the blog was – just like with the WoW Interface – configuring it, getting in features, addon and making it pretty. Well currently all my “making it pretty”-energy indeed flows into building a pretty UI for WoW.

I could try to promise I’ll update more regularly but I think I can safely promise you won’t miss much by not looking here more often.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories