Managing 2 jobs

I never thought it would come down to this. I am actually managing 2 jobs lately. Ever since we founded our own World of Warcraft guild, I am guildmaster. And despite all the really really nice people there, it is more and more becoming a second job. It’s a lot of work when everything is… Continue reading Managing 2 jobs

Stress Food

Whenever I get stressed out by work or other stuff (WoW anyone?) …. something really stupid happens: I get to lazy to eat “good food”.

Noticing trouble

The more projects I finish, the more stuff can go wrong each day. At first it seemed a solution to send myself emails when problems arose … now I get so many error mails that they must be filtered to separate folders.

Updated and back

So I managed to update the blog software and I am finding nifty new features like this editor … I plan on writing more again and I hope to find the time between all the different hobbies and interests that are trying to get my attention all the time.

Long time no write

I should be writing here more. The blog used to be my place to deal with problems or to write about stuff I was thinking about.