(not) growing up?

Following is a short excerpt of a very interesting and thoughtful article: apophenia: perpetually liminal: are we refusing to grow up? what does this mean?

When the idea of teenagers was created during the depression, schooling became mandatory. In some senses, this was ideal because it meant that a larger portion of the population was prepared for the future. But over time, a high school diploma no longer served as a ticket to a better life. And then it was college. And then it was graduate school. What next? And what about the fact that we no longer have a construct of “success” for working class kids? By removing unions and life-long well-paying factory gigs and government jobs with pensions, we’ve turned “success” into a game that can only be acquired through pre-existing privilege or a lottery (becoming a “star”). This really marginalizes a huge chunk of today’s youth culture. What if you aren’t really meant to be college bound? What then? The service economy is not exactly appealing. No wonder drugs are continuously rising both because using them lets you escape and dealing them provides a way out.

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The future is ….. expensive

I want one:


Flickr-enabled LCD Frame

eStarling has released a Flickr-enabled standalone Wi-Fi LCD picture frame, which we’ve always wanted (and which you can make yourself if you’re handy enough). This is the perfect gift for grandma. Plug it in, subscribe to your family’s Flickr feeds, and you’re ready to go!

Fantasy and Science Fiction – Plumage from Pegasus

Read: Fantasy and Science Fiction – Plumage from Pegasus

I HAD TO run a few errands downtown, but I hesitated to go.

What if I ran into bloggers?

Ever since the total, irretrievable collapse of the Internet in a chaos of viruses, worms, spam, terrorism and busts by the FBI anti-porn squad, that archaic species of human had become a bigger street menace than mimes, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or panhandlers ever were.

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The future of Serenity?

Via Boing Boing some news from Joss Wheddon for all those Serenity and Firefly lovers, an editorial about the future of TV.

Insider – [TV Guide Online]

And what of me? My short-lived series Firefly was the basis for the epic action film Serenity (now available on DVD! I have little or no shame), and the future will see even more incarnations of this visionary work, as it returns to TV as Serenity: The Firefly Years, then back to film as Firefly: Serenity’s Sequel, back to TV as SereniFly, and finally end as the direct-to-eyeglasses series Choose a Damn Name Already. I promise it’ll be as heartwarming and exciting as the original Serenity, now available on DVD. (Explain again this thing you call shame….)

Too bad it looks like he’s not going to continue the show =(