Month: November 2005

  • Open Loops: How Do You Say

    This morning another workplace enlightenment from Open Loops: How Do You Say “Thank You”? Other organizations, specifically the non-profits, face the same question as I do: How can I keep good employees when the state regulates the salary, I have no authority to provide bonuses, and I cannot even use my budget, due to state […]

  • The Winning Edge

    Sehr interessanter Artikel: Psychology Today: The Winning Edge, via Management Craft It is likely that somewhere, at this very moment, a parent or coach is declaring to a discouraged child that “quitters never win.” But perseverance has come to seem like quaint lip service against the tide of interest in talent and aptitude, flashier gifts […]

  • Blue Water

    Via Boing Boing I found the link and image to this pretty idea: This LED-equipped, battery-powered faucet is triggered by running water through it — switch on the tap and your stream of water goes luminescent blue. The site describes this as “perfect for running water at night. I want one!

  • Herb Growing – don’t do it yourself

    Found on Inhabitat Each self-contained unit is solar powered, creating a microclimate for the plant pads which contain everything necessary for growing herbs- without additional fertilizers or chemicals. Additionally, each pad (whether basil, thyme, sage, etc.) is equipped with a RFID tag that is recognized by the Herbarium to ensure optimal growing conditions, which is […]

  • Wieder da

    Nach einer sehr sehr langen Blogpause bin ich wieder da. Verschiedene Gründe haben mich davon abgehalten …. zu allem Überfluss, war ich nicht nur nicht am bloggen, sondern leider auch komplett offline mit dem Blog. Wer mich also mal in Bloglines hatte, möge mich neu subscriben, da Bloglines kaputte Feeds leider nach einer Weile rauswirft. […]