Dog Poo Genius

we make money not art: Dog poo spray

The D&AD Student of the Year Award 2005 was won by a team of students from China. WeiWei He, Chuan Shi and Wen Ying Lu, students at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, got the award for their Dog Poo Spray.

Soooo geil. Musste gut lachen. Das Bild ist gut. Unbedingt weiterklicken.

Not working?

Open Loops: 16 Reasons Managers Can’t Get Employees to Perform

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You define tasks that you need your subordinate(s) to do, provide them the resources they need, and send them on their way to get it done. You wait. You notice it’s not getting done. You wait some more. It still isn’t getting done. You call in your subordinates and inquire about the task. You get an ambiguous answer. You send the employees back out to perform the task. You wait even more. It still doesn’t get done. What’s going on here?

Interesting list.


Führungsnachwuchs: Viel Arbeit, wenig Anerkennung

Auch die in den Leitbildern festgeschriebenen Werte werden nur unzureichend gelebt. Schlechte Noten gaben die Befragten der Balance (gesunder Ausgleich von Arbeit, Freizeit und Familie wird gefördert), Ehrlichkeit (es wird die Wahrheit gesagt, unklare Botschaften werden vermieden) und Integrität (Handeln und Reden sind eins, Zusagen werden erfüllt).

Mal wieder ein interessanter Spiegelartikel … ist es wirklich überall dasselbe?

Adria vs Lago

Sometime in June I decided we definitely needed a real vacation this year not a bunch of “long” week-ends or weeks of staying home and “getting things done” in the apartment ….

Since I didn’t have time and nerve to plan a lot I tried to do a vacation that didn’t need any plans. We wanted to go to the sea and Adria sounded like a good choice. Rolland selected a few camp sites that sounded good, I bought a map, a travel guide and a small dictionnary, we packed the car and started.

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Birthday Knife

This is what I got for my birthday (which is not today). Since we only got back from our vacation yesterday there wasn’t much to cut up with it in the kitchen and I decided to make onion soup.

It is fun to cut up things with this knife. I am already thinking what to cook tonight that requires a lot of intricate cutting …. any ideas?