So I’ve heard people say this before maybe paraphrased a little differently:

The Lazy Way to Success: The Ideal Boss is a Non-Boss

I explain that I do it by turning the work into play. I make the job fun. I make it irresistibly exciting. I make it seductively challenging. I show how their part fits into and advances the whole. My employees then happily motivate themselves and don’t need to be bossed.

I know the idea behind this. But but but …. I have yet to see proof that it works and find a boss that knows how to do this well maybe it’s not only knowledge that is required but someone who actually cares about the “manager” work they should be doing.

I guess it’s the same way in that success motivates to continue. A little success every day can go a looong way towards creating bigger successes in the long run. Anyway today was the first day in a long long time that I was actually looking forward to the work I am doing. The reason? Well yesterday went pretty well and I managed to write some code, test it and see things fall into the place I had thought out for them before … I call that a small success. An added bonus: I only worked on one single project all day yesterday, no distractions!

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories