Today’s interestingness

Interestingness, noun. Meaning: “Besides being a five syllable word suitable for tongue twisters, it is also an amazing new Flickr Feature.”

Now for my own … this mornings bloglines visit proved very valuable. Here’s a couple bits of web niceness I found:

Treehugger: Kabi Organic Golf Course

Meaning it’s free of any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and or any other chemicals that are traditional ones used on golf courses. What’s more, the clubhouse restaurant lists a menu of organic beef, chicken, and herbs. Or feast upon oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins and grapefruits from the courses’s organic orchard. And if you need to take a load off your hind, then the compost toilets await your deposit, so they can feed any liquid nutrient back to the courses’s forests, via sand filters.

So there’s clientele for that?

mamamusings: google dissatisfaction

Despite the title, I’m not dissatisfied with Google. Far from it. But I discovered a feature today that I’ve never seen before, and that I can’t find referenced anywhere. I don’t know if it’s brand-new, or if I just hadn’t discovered it yet.

Sample link inside. A new google feature or old?


If you were wandering around downtown San Francisco last Saturday you might have stumbled upon the Zombie Flash Mob.

There are images! Somebody finally found a cool application for flash mobs! Roleplaying galore 🙂

Open Loops: Unwritten Laws, Rules, and Observations

Every profession develops its own rules of thumb that everyone in that profession remembers, uses, applies, and heeds.

List inside! And I’ll be thinking about this one all day.

By Yashima

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