Homemade Ricotta

This week-ends cooking experiments included homemade ricotta. Via my favorite food blog chocolate & zucchini I found a recipe at 101 Cookbooks on how to make your own ricotta. And as opposed to some other things we tried this week-end it’s cheap and easy. I’ll experiment some more with this but it’s tasty fun and totally different from what they sell as ricotta in the grocery stores.

We also tried to make a gnocchi recipe from one of my Jamie Oliver cookbooks and failed miserably. We thought we’d done everything as it was supposed to be but they simply came apart into a mess, that was irrecoverable. Instead we made pasta with herbs and homemade ricotta + parmesan “topping” instead.Today I learned what might have been our mistake: the water should not have been cooking when we dropped in the gnocchi. Anyway next time we’ll try a more traditional recipe instead of one where the gnocchi consist mostly of ricotta (this was bought ricotta with a very very different flavor and texture …).

This was the week-end of failed cooking: I also tried to make croissants and well … no croissants. Pretty nice “Hörnchen” though. When trying to fold the butter into the dough it kept shooting out for whatever reason … it probably wasn’t cold enough? Anyway I don’t need the exact “croissant”-texture to enjoy them.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories