Very easy to make, it takes about an hour to make a batch. Ingredients: 200g butter, 200g flour, 200g cheese (recipe said Gouda, I took parmesan …), 1 egg, nutmeg and pepper. Mix well and put in the freezer for 15 min. Roll out the dough and take out the X-mas cookie cutters. The original… Continue reading Kaesegebaeck

Gaming Zine: The Escapist

By all means read: The Escapist – Issue #5 There are very interesting articles about the future of gaming and innovation. If you are at all interested … taking your time 🙂


ka-news.de: Bei Baggerarbeiten auf dem Gelaende des ehemaligen Ausbesserungswerks der Deutschen Bahn AG oetlich der Rueppurrer Strasse sind Arbeiter am gestrigen Montagnachmittag auf ein gefaehrliches Relikt aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg gestossen Nein wir wurden nicht evakuiert … wir wohnen ja zum Glück westlich der Rüppurer 🙂 Ich hätte ja nie davon erfahren, häte mir nicht… Continue reading Bombe

Party Pictures

Three Guests Party Photos from last Saturday and the fun pictures from the Earthshaker Fest. Have fun and tell me which you like. And for more pictures there’s always flickr: my flickr photo stream

Homemade Ricotta

This week-ends cooking experiments included homemade ricotta. Via my favorite food blog chocolate & zucchini I found a recipe at 101 Cookbooks on how to make your own ricotta. And as opposed to some other things we tried this week-end it’s cheap and easy. I’ll experiment some more with this but it’s tasty fun and… Continue reading Homemade Ricotta


So I’ve heard people say this before maybe paraphrased a little differently: The Lazy Way to Success: The Ideal Boss is a Non-Boss I explain that I do it by turning the work into play. I make the job fun. I make it irresistibly exciting. I make it seductively challenging. I show how their part… Continue reading Motivation

About Consulting

Nice analysis of consulting and the companies that provide consulting by Bruce Eckel: What is Consulting? One of the ironies of consulting is that the goal of the consultant must be to make him or herself obsolete. You must so effectively transfer your knowledge and solve the client’s problem that they don’t need you anymore.… Continue reading About Consulting

Today’s interestingness

Interestingness, noun. Meaning: “Besides being a five syllable word suitable for tongue twisters, it is also an amazing new Flickr Feature.” Now for my own … this mornings bloglines visit proved very valuable. Here’s a couple bits of web niceness I found: Treehugger: Kabi Organic Golf Course Meaning it’s free of any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides… Continue reading Today’s interestingness