Very easy to make, it takes about an hour to make a batch.

Ingredients: 200g butter, 200g flour, 200g cheese (recipe said Gouda, I took parmesan …), 1 egg, nutmeg and pepper.

Mix well and put in the freezer for 15 min. Roll out the dough and take out the X-mas cookie cutters. The original recipe suggested sesame seed, poppy seed and caraway as toppings with on some egg+milk mixture. I used the sesame and some crushed rosemary with olive oil. I also sprinkled some salt on top.

Bake for 10-12 min. at 200°C.

Should keep well for a couple weeks in a jar, unless eaten. These are really good to accompany a nice evening watching episodes of the latest 24 series while it’s raining outside like it wasn’t August!



Bei Baggerarbeiten auf dem Gelaende des ehemaligen Ausbesserungswerks der Deutschen Bahn AG oetlich der Rueppurrer Strasse sind Arbeiter am gestrigen Montagnachmittag auf ein gefaehrliches Relikt aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg gestossen

Nein wir wurden nicht evakuiert … wir wohnen ja zum Glück westlich der Rüppurer 🙂 Ich hätte ja nie davon erfahren, häte mir nicht jemand ne Mail geschickt und gefragt …

Homemade Ricotta

This week-ends cooking experiments included homemade ricotta. Via my favorite food blog chocolate & zucchini I found a recipe at 101 Cookbooks on how to make your own ricotta. And as opposed to some other things we tried this week-end it’s cheap and easy. I’ll experiment some more with this but it’s tasty fun and totally different from what they sell as ricotta in the grocery stores.

We also tried to make a gnocchi recipe from one of my Jamie Oliver cookbooks and failed miserably. We thought we’d done everything as it was supposed to be but they simply came apart into a mess, that was irrecoverable. Instead we made pasta with herbs and homemade ricotta + parmesan “topping” instead.Today I learned what might have been our mistake: the water should not have been cooking when we dropped in the gnocchi. Anyway next time we’ll try a more traditional recipe instead of one where the gnocchi consist mostly of ricotta (this was bought ricotta with a very very different flavor and texture …).

This was the week-end of failed cooking: I also tried to make croissants and well … no croissants. Pretty nice “Hörnchen” though. When trying to fold the butter into the dough it kept shooting out for whatever reason … it probably wasn’t cold enough? Anyway I don’t need the exact “croissant”-texture to enjoy them.

Japanese Video Making Toy

I knew before I started reading Megatokyo that Japan is an – uhm – interesting country. And it gets more interesting all the time:

we make money not art: MYSQ: Video Purikura

The booth can accommodate up to three people so you can shoot Prikura style video clips with your friends. Inside the booth is a fluffy thing called a MYSQ ring, you wear it on your hand. A camera detects the movement of your MYSQ ring. Also, floor sensors detect your foot movement. So, the system can control video effects based on your (and your friends’) hand/foot movement.


So I’ve heard people say this before maybe paraphrased a little differently:

The Lazy Way to Success: The Ideal Boss is a Non-Boss

I explain that I do it by turning the work into play. I make the job fun. I make it irresistibly exciting. I make it seductively challenging. I show how their part fits into and advances the whole. My employees then happily motivate themselves and don’t need to be bossed.

I know the idea behind this. But but but …. I have yet to see proof that it works and find a boss that knows how to do this well maybe it’s not only knowledge that is required but someone who actually cares about the “manager” work they should be doing.

I guess it’s the same way in that success motivates to continue. A little success every day can go a looong way towards creating bigger successes in the long run. Anyway today was the first day in a long long time that I was actually looking forward to the work I am doing. The reason? Well yesterday went pretty well and I managed to write some code, test it and see things fall into the place I had thought out for them before … I call that a small success. An added bonus: I only worked on one single project all day yesterday, no distractions!

About Consulting

Nice analysis of consulting and the companies that provide consulting by Bruce Eckel:

What is Consulting?

One of the ironies of consulting is that the goal of the consultant must be to make him or herself obsolete. You must so effectively transfer your knowledge and solve the client’s problem that they don’t need you anymore. But when a consulting firm scales up, their primary objective shifts away from providing value to the client towards providing consistent cash flow for the company.

Today’s interestingness

Interestingness, noun. Meaning: “Besides being a five syllable word suitable for tongue twisters, it is also an amazing new Flickr Feature.”

Now for my own … this mornings bloglines visit proved very valuable. Here’s a couple bits of web niceness I found:

Treehugger: Kabi Organic Golf Course

Meaning it’s free of any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and or any other chemicals that are traditional ones used on golf courses. What’s more, the clubhouse restaurant lists a menu of organic beef, chicken, and herbs. Or feast upon oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins and grapefruits from the courses’s organic orchard. And if you need to take a load off your hind, then the compost toilets await your deposit, so they can feed any liquid nutrient back to the courses’s forests, via sand filters.

So there’s clientele for that?

mamamusings: google dissatisfaction

Despite the title, I’m not dissatisfied with Google. Far from it. But I discovered a feature today that I’ve never seen before, and that I can’t find referenced anywhere. I don’t know if it’s brand-new, or if I just hadn’t discovered it yet.

Sample link inside. A new google feature or old?


If you were wandering around downtown San Francisco last Saturday you might have stumbled upon the Zombie Flash Mob.

There are images! Somebody finally found a cool application for flash mobs! Roleplaying galore 🙂

Open Loops: Unwritten Laws, Rules, and Observations

Every profession develops its own rules of thumb that everyone in that profession remembers, uses, applies, and heeds.

List inside! And I’ll be thinking about this one all day.