There and cook again

Lately I have been neglecting my kitchen, we went out to dinner a lot or ate simple things that can be cooked fast. This Saturday I decided to leaf through one of my Jamie Oliver cookbooks and do some real cooking. I might have been inspired by someone who also likes cooking (it seems).

So for Saturday we decided to have a small barbecue with chicken kebaps. The chicken was marinated in a mint-chili-herb-sauce and combined with zucchini on rosemary sticks. The meat was accompanied by yet another new variant of the “grilled tomato” this time filled with a mix of shallots, rosemary and mozarella. And we grilled some red onions – one of my all time favorite vegetables.

On Sunday I went for the pasta shown on the picture with small dish of anti pasti. Just click on the picture to find out about the recipe.