Wir waren endlich mal wieder im Kino, heute stand lustiges Kung Fu Kino auf dem Speiseplan mit Kung Fu Hustle. Ich war ja doch etwas skeptisch anfaenglich. Aber nun da wir wieder da sind hat mir der Film wirklich gut gefallen und ich denke ich kann ihn guten Gewissens allen Freunden von Feng Shui, Exalted… Continue reading Krötenkampfkunst

funny lunch surfing

we make money not art: Bins and Benches Greyworld has unleashed in The Junction, Cambridge their solar-powered robotic bins that move and chuckle, benches that flock together and sing when the sun comes out. Well hmmm, don’t know what to say? Do we need this? Do we not? Is it art? Do we live in… Continue reading funny lunch surfing

Time Management anyone?

Open Loops: Books, Books, Books: Sharing the Wealth I’ve always been an avid reader on non-fiction for a long time. Specifically, any book that taught me how to do something that I didn’t already know how to do generated a great interest in me. I’ve collected books as long as I can remember. My current… Continue reading Time Management anyone?