Why this blog is back

I don’t quite know why I am opening this space again.

I feel the need to have an outlet for links and opinions. I feel the need to be able to write somewhere. I have stopped writing for my own private amusement long ago. It’s more fun to write for a (however small) audience.

Anyway I am not sure how “productive” I’ll be here but in the last few days I have had too many moments where I thought: this would make a good blog post and “oops my blog is closed”.

I have thought about moving to an anonymous blog to be able to rant about anything that comes to my mind – and yes there are things I’d like to write about that I cannot write about on a non-anonymous blog – but an old post by Jill Walker on her secret blog that doesn’t exist, made me not do it. Her current post is a bit on the same topic that I have been thinking about a lot lately: I am not blogging this. Note: I didn’t see that last post until I looked up the url to the older one.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Schön, wieder von Dir zu hören. 🙂
    Hoffentlich blogst Du nicht immer nur Deine aktuellen Java-Probleme. 😉

  2. Na ja mal sehen. Ich vermute immer noch, dass der Blog sowohl für Programmiererkram als auch für Zockanekdoten herhalten wird.

    Aber ich habe einfach ne Menge Zeugs gesehen, was ich kommentieren wollte und dann war da nix …. und daher hab ich das Dings wieder aufgemacht.

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