The Missing Feature

WoW is really a cool game (even though I feel forced to buy a bigger better faster new GeForce …) but it is missing one feature to really make it unique. Why can’t I read my ingame mail out-of-game or write eMail to characters ingame? Can’t be so hard to have some way to interface with the game’s internal mail system?

To: yashima at
Subject: quit playing now!

Would you stop it now!?!

– Me.

Why? I have been auctioning stuff at the Ironforge-E-Bay lately and made better money from that than from killing MOBs (what does MOB stand for anyway, I keep forgetting), and I need to log in everytime I want to check if something was sold … no I am not playing the game non-stop 😉

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. MOB = Mobile Object

    ist schon ewig alt der Begriff, ich glaube den gab es schon zu Zeiten von MUDs

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