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What I am missing in WoW is a reputation system and a way to gain fame. Since we don’t have AI driven NPCs we cannot have real famous personalities in the world like Jaina Proudmoore or Prince Arthas or Thrall or whoever else appeared in the Warcraft series. They are there but afaik just as dumb as all other NPCs.

I am not saying that an appearance by Darth Vader on a raid wouldn’t be cool, well or at least a visit by Tyrande Whisperwind. Those are rare GM driven events, the coolness of which is hard to top.

On the other hand what about other ways to have famous characters? Can’t we have players fill that role? They are not Darth Vader, but I am awed when I see those lvl 50 chars near the acution house in Ironforge. What I want to know then is: who are these people, I want stories and tales of heroes. That I won’t get, even though the term roleplaying game which is part of MMORPG would imply something like it. (Note: I am not playing on a RP server, just on a very nice PvE server).

One of my favorite moments in the game was when I logged in with my alt character and met some people from my guild in front of the auction house. They didn’t know the tiny lvl 12 gnome was me. I went up to them to talk for a bit. An hour earlier I had followed the reports of a raid on a Horde city on the guild chat. I used the information to give the appearance that the raid was the talk of the town and that their deeds were already legend. To me it seemed they all got into a roleplaying mode all of a sudden when they started telling tales of the raid.

So it was just a stupid raid in which they were all killed by the city guards over and over 😉 but it’s more of a unique event than any quest can be.

So I am new to the MMORPG world (3 months of UO don’t count) and maybe such a thing can develop over time but I highly doubt it despite hearing tales of famous crafters in DaoC on the WoW forums.

I hear the PvP honor system that will soon be introduced will allow for this, but I have my own ideas. More on those later 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


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