All developers need a process

Here a nice portion from a conference protocol of the GDC: Wonderland: Burn The House Down

Xenophobia. We don’tcare about anything outside of the game industry. There is so much knowledge, research, business models, management practices out there. We don’t pay attention to anything else outside, and that hurts us in many ways! Software development pros tells us we’re fools, there are tons of systems, processes and tools out there that you could use. This pro, he does’t make games.. and you all shake your head and say he doesn’t make games, what does he know, but you know, medical applications are pretty unique! If your machine crashes, someone might die. So yeah, we’re unique, but so are they and there is decades of research and knowledge that proves that these processes have return, this management stuff is in my brain right now, it’s one of millions of examples of how we as an industry don’t pay attention to other stuff just because it’s not called games. This fear of formal processes. We’re creative cowboys – well it holds back the industry.

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You know what? This is not only true for the game industry 😉

By Yashima

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