Why this blog is closed

This blog is currently closed. As long as I leave it ‘open’ I get Spam and more Spam and I feel like I need to write articles. Currently I neither have the time, nor the nerve and least of all anything I could actually write here.

I’ll most probably re-open the blog sometime in the near future or maybe I’ll open another blog somewhere else. I’ll see how it goes.

Party, parties, partying

So how good is the group play part of WoW? On the forums I have met a few people who were quite reluctant to play with a party, as was and am I. I was also very reluctant to join a guild when I was asked. I still did it. Over the last few days we had a lot of fun playing with others from the guild.

In this post I want to share some of my ‘party’ experience so far.
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Photo Overlays

Via FlickrBlog

Flickr member brevity made a little app that takes photos and creates an “average” image out of them. He chooses 50 photos tagged with, say “shadow” …

Reminds me of the bunny pictures I posted a link to years ago!

L33t Druid

Oh well … if you got to much bandwidth and time on your hands, watch these: Gimped and Rootdown. The files are 300 + 400 MB. The first movie is about 22 minutes long. Haven’t even unpacked the second yet.

So you want to be a Druid now? I am already one 🙂 Have fun.

Speed Typing Test

Via lifehacker comes the Speed Typing Test

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito.

On my first try I got 100 words/minute with one typo and on the second I got 92 words/minute with two typos.

Game Fame

What I am missing in WoW is a reputation system and a way to gain fame. Since we don’t have AI driven NPCs we cannot have real famous personalities in the world like Jaina Proudmoore or Prince Arthas or Thrall or whoever else appeared in the Warcraft series. They are there but afaik just as dumb as all other NPCs.

I am not saying that an appearance by Darth Vader on a raid wouldn’t be cool, well or at least a visit by Tyrande Whisperwind. Those are rare GM driven events, the coolness of which is hard to top.
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Mr Gadgeteer

Go look at the picture in the article and count the gizmos: Joi Ito’s Web: whatsinyourbag

I saw this fun whatsinyourbag flickr tag on Minami’s blog so I decided to dump the contents of my shoulder bag on the floor (at 5AM) and take a picture.

He’s outfitted it with some detailed notes on flickr.