When is it a class of its own?

In my newly formed opinion, a piece of code deserves to be in its own class if you ever took time to find that particular piece because you could not remember in what class it was included.

(Oh yes that’s learning by making mistakes.)

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. This seems to be odd to me: Let’s learn to use your IDE instead 😉 I can’t imagine that eclipse does not have a “find in project” function. And if you don’t remember how your method was called – you won’t remember the name of your class either.

  2. Of course eclipse is pretty quick to find code. But if the relevant code is not adequately named be it method or class, I’ll have a hard time finding the code that does the actual task.

    Maybe this was just a special case.

    But I still think the argument is valid. But I guess I have to elaborate. I’ll do a follow up.

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