Trying to register ….

For about 3 years or so I’ve been waiting for this:

[ServletException in:/WEB-INF/jsp/contactInfoView.jsp] File “/WEB-INF/jsp/contactInfoView.jsp” not found’

How stupid is that? Tomcat isn’t even that shitty.

Yeah is it all about this!

Pretty frustrating. Especially if you remember how they were being stupid when Diablo II was first released and the capacities on the servers didn’t suffice. Great company, great games! But maybe they should outsource some of their infrastructure department to someone who is good at that.

edit: I think all European kids have to go to bed at 9p.m., thanks to all parents sending them to bed!!!! The moment I tried to upload a screenshot of the latest funky error and while trying for the last time, clicking on a button that was missing the picture and just consisting of weird html errors, account creation finally succeeded. Thanks to firefox AutoForm toolbar. Otherwise I’d be … you well don’t want to know that …. anyway, now I need to get a 40MB patch download 🙁

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