Sneak Preview: House of Sand and Fog

Last Monday we went to the new Schauburg Sneak. It’s new that it is on Monday at 8a.m. and they are playing old trailers (Schulmädchenreport!) instead of commercials before the movie. I meant to write a review but this is all that came of it.

The movie we saw was House of Sand and Fog. The story is absolutely tense and yet mundane. I’ve rarely seen a movie that kept me on edge so much despite me knowing the end since the first few frames.

I liked the way this movie shows how without anyone’s fault (maybe the anonymous bueraucracy’s fault if anyone’s) so many people can lose so much. The basic story goes like this: a young woman – Kathy – is evicted from her old family home which is afterwards bought by an Iranian immigrant family. The Behranis have lost most of there money and spent the rest on the wedding of their daughter. Then both parties start to fight for the house. Quote from IMDB “some dreams can’t be shared”. It’s terribly sad. The inescapable ending that hangs over your head like the sword of Damocles makes for a very powerful story.

The movie is also technically very good: the music, the images and the actors just all enforce the sense of foreboding that is present throughout the whole movie.

I’ll give an 8/10.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories