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Gizmodo : Bluetooth Rearview Mirror

Swerving should always be given your full attention, lest you miss a child and valuable points.

Oh yes let’s play Carmageddon. This is YABGYDN (yet another bluetooth gizmo you don’t need!). But if you get one your car will be bluetooth enabled and you can put a logo sticker on it! But does your car already have a GPS? Not, then maybe you should consider buying a new camera:

Gizmodo: Nikon 2DH

In layman’s terms: It takes pics, it sends pics, it tells you what your longitude and latitude were when you took the pics.

Camera includes GPS? Oh we needed that. So who is on drugs? Gizmodo or the Gizmo industry? Come on: who needs a camera with a GPS included? Well wo besides Micha anyway 🙂

By Yashima

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