Developing by Enlightenment?

I guess that is not quite the work process a manager dreams of. Neither do I.

I just had the a revelation how something that has now bugged me more than a month is going to work. It is sooo simple. Well not quite and it was a hard process getting there especially because the solution to this problem solves many others along the way and not finding one despite knowing there had to be something simple just made me all icky and I had real trouble moving forward with the project. But now the ice is broken …. (or whatever that saying).

It was a bit like the “refactor until the modification becomes trivial” thing. I tried to avoid the problem and start developing other parts of the project. I thought about it a lot and discussed items related to it and now voilà at last this moment of “oh like that!” Things started to fall into place and now I have this beautiful stacktrace sitting there waiting to be picked apart.

Yeah it was all about testing. It took me nearly 4 weeks to find out how to test a certain component. A bit embarrasing but the revealing moment and subsequent happy, warm and glowing feeling are well worth it. Now I must spend some “happy money” (as opposed to “compensating money”).

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories