I am hoping to try out how cool the configurability of the WoW interface really is 😉

So far I’ve only gotten one night’s play out of the game: last night the servers were down and then I had to get some sleep to make up for playing too long on Monday night. No you don’t want to know how long.

Anyway it’s addictive: “just one more … I just need to …. let me ….” As all Blizz’ Games the controls are dead-easy, the optics far from brilliant but the gameplay seems to fulfill everything that was promised.

But even though it is a way cool Blizzard game, since it’s an ‘evil’ MMOrpg with the probihitive (not!) monthly cost of 11 € (6-month-plan) and a ‘down-payment’ of 40 € (Karstadt) most people I know don’t want to play. Too bad since it’s more fun with more players and I am not into playing with people I don’t know personally.

The fun thing is I already seem to have joined a “Guild” in WoW. Seems someone invited me and I tried to cancel the invitation: whatever I clicked on in a hurry to collect more XP and gold (uhm copper) must have been the accept button. Hopefully I’ll get out of that again 😉

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories