Christmas Cooking

This year Rolland and I were very busy cooking for the parents. Well I wasn’t quite so busy as I was only managing appetizers and desserts. On the 25th my mother and my sister were still doing most of the cooking, here’s that menu, I tried to translate to french because my food-French is better than my food-English. For example I really have no idea what “paté” translates to in English because the dictionary says “pasty” and that just doesn’t sound right. Anyway here’s the French menu from my parents.

Parfait au foie de poulet (by Jamie Oliver)
Paté de canard (by my sister)
Coquilles St. Jacques, Sauce Noilly Prat
Joues de Lotte, legumes des Pommes et Oignons
Selle de Chevreuil (with a dark wine sauce incredibly good)
Poire farci de chocolat, amandes et oranges en pâte feuilletée et Soufflé glacé à l’Orange

(My french is still terrible but in English it would sound even worse!)

The next day Rolland and his brother cooked for their parents. Again I was only doing the first and the last of the courses. The whole menu except for the dessert is from Jamie Oliver recipes. This menu is easier to post in English since (nearly) all recipes are from English books.

Chicken Liver Parfait (again because it is sooo good!)
My new best salat (tarragon, grapes, hard salted ricotta and shallots in vinegar)
Jack Salmon and Shrimps baked with avocado and (insert name of cheese here)
… with mashed celeriac
Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream

So much for xmas eating

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories