Turqoise Reflexes

Just about half an hour ago I was at the store and tried out the EOS 20D with a Tamron SP AF 28-75 mm F2,8 lense

I was very close to just buying it on the spot.

I took a picture of the wall behind the counter. Just some stupid piece of turqoise wall with some glass doors and some lights mounted on it. Of course I only saw the result on the small tft on the back, but it looked just so brilliant even then. The colors were clear. The light inside the store isn’t that good and oh whow. What a gorgeous stupid piece of wall.

Additionally the camera is ultra-fast.

Enter random customer: “Is that an EOS20D? Yes? Buy it!”

Only negative point: these damn slr cameras are big and heavy. Or is that a plus point?

Anyway, I’ll really have to force myself to wait another couple days to go to another place to try out the Nikon and get some owner of a Pentax SLR over here to compare that ….

PS: here‘s a review of the lense.

By Yashima

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  1. Well, such an in-store-trial says more about the quality of the LCD panel than anything else. Of course you could bring your own memory card and compare pictures from different cameras; though test reports may be even more useful.

    Of course a large and heavy slr is not the best thing for packing or tugging around, and you’re better of with a small and simple camera if you just want to do snapshots. On the other hand the larger body allows for a better grip, and it is easier to hold steady…

  2. Good idea, maybe I should try bringing a CF card to the next store ….

    I knew before that slr cameras should not be compared with snapshot cameras for weight. I don’t mind the weight, I was just surprised a bit because the camera was even larger than I thought it would be.

    The tamron lense I tested it with is surprisingly light in comparison with a similar lense from sigma (500g vs 700g). But of course 200g don’t “make the fat on the roast” 😉

    I plan on going to another store today to test the Nikon.

  3. That’s one good thing about the Pentax I got: It is ways smaller than a canon (even in good old analog days). That’s in my opinion the only major drawback on Canon. Perhaps they think that a heigh weight and a big body justifies a higher price. Or perhaps they are fans of Rubens 😉

  4. Maybe they are Rubens fans. So how long is your lense? Or is that an indiscreet question? 😉

    As noted: I don’t really mind the difference, it is not that big in comparison with the difference of EOS20D and Ixus 40 (the camera my Dad wants to have).

    The only problem the 20d has is its incredible price. That is why I am still looking at the D70. The Pentax is in between if I remember correctly?

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