The Sun

I like this picture but the sun in the center is way too bright. Even with post-processing I couldn’t get the detail out. More contrast doesn’t help at all. I guess I’ll have to do some more target practice 🙂

(This is also supposed to be a test entry for my new BlogThisPhoto format at flickr)

Next up: trying to set up a photoblog with pictorialis. Why this tool? It’s derived from wordpress. That’s why. Because I already know wordpress.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. I promise you won’t miss it. But first I need a name for the subdomain I want to put my photoblog on. Before that I cannot ask Micha for a new subdomain and before that I guess I will not install pictorialis. Well I might, but I’d have to clean out some other part of my homepage because I still get the feeling that each php app is much happier on it’s own subdomain.

  2. It took nearly no time to download, install, test-post and remove pictorialis. I didn’t get to post any pictures because there was some error I only noticed when I deleted the complete pictorialis directory. I’d forgotten to set a property correctly somewhere. Well anyway: it’s mostly wordpress and I guess I’ll be getting more of what I want if I write a nice wordpress theme with the layout I imagine.

    All I would need additionally would be a small plugin for the post writing page to upload a picture right there. That’s what pictorialis is, it seems. WordPress plus an additional upload button plus a theme. It’s a pre 1.5.x wp anyway.

    So I guess I’ll go looking somewhere else or write my photoblog theme.

  3. The image is too brigth most likely cause you mesured the light on the whole picture. You have to configure your camera that it does a spot mesurement. Then you point to the place where you want to have good contrast on and do the mesurement, then take the photo. But be aware: As long as you use the flash, you will either have a good contrast in the foregrownd OR the background – not both.

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