I am surprised. Really.

Some time ago I decided on a strategy how to make releases for my project. I disciplined myself a bit and applied each bugfix from the release branch in orderly fashion to the head as well. Just now I called the ant target I had written for generating a new release. Just to test it and see where I left of the last time I tried to automate that part of my build.

As of now I haven’t found any problems. No merge necessary because all bugfixes are on both branches. The fresh new release with my latest developments sits in a the release directory ready for deployment.

I am stunned. I am not used to “things simply working” 😉

PS: it’s only working because it is a “one-woman-project” and I don’t have to keep others in line to follow my cvs procedure. But actually I think it should work on bigger projects just as easily. Wasn’t that one of the foundations of XP “release early and often” ?

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories