Geek Tagged

Technorati has tags, made up of images, links and blog posts. Technorati: Tag: Geek Tag: Geek 190 posts from 79 blogs match this tag. I already found a funny example 🙂


I am surprised. Really. Some time ago I decided on a strategy how to make releases for my project. I disciplined myself a bit and applied each bugfix from the release branch in orderly fashion to the head as well. Just now I called the ant target I had written for generating a new release.… Continue reading Revelation

Camera Buying Update

Just back from the next practical test. I tested both the Canon EOS20D and the Nikon D70 side by side with the Tamron lense I mentionned here.

Eclipse 3.1 M4

Eclipse 3.1 M4 News: The Eclipse Java compiler now supports all J2SE 5.0 (aka JDK 1.5) language features. Yay! I know I am a bit late. M4 was published on December 16.

X leaks

Is it a well-known problem or some other? I don’t know. I rarely restart my computer at work. Why should I? There is one reason to restart all my stuff: X. When I leave my computer running for a while, a few days or a week, X starts grabbing more and more memory. I managed… Continue reading X leaks

Life Backup

Who hasn’t yet tried to mesh reality and computer games or programs? Terra Nova: I thought we could pick up that mailbox “I’ve been using the computer for so long, and command-Z works for undo in all the software programs,” Hoffman said. “So whenever I find something in my life that I want to undo,… Continue reading Life Backup

Gizmo Alarm

snoBLIND: Gizmo Alarm I need one of those Those being a …. aaahhh hmmmm ooohhh take a look for yourself Me too, me too, me too!

The Open Source Monopoly

Interesting article comparing open source and commercial software: The Open Source Monopoly As I will show in this paper, JBoss is by no means in the spirit of open source and should not be considered an open source product. But more, the fact that a company like JBoss can consider itself an open source company… Continue reading The Open Source Monopoly


In reply to a comment on my switch post, I would like to discuss reflection which is a rather unusual language feature.