MEGA pixel

So I am finally seriously looking into buying a digital camera. A real camera. Not just a toy camera. For a long time I thought I’d buy something IXUS-like, small and good for snapshots. I never did buy one. Now that I got myself a flickr account I have decided it’s time to own a real camera again after mine broke sometime in 1999 or so. Only this time it will be a digital one.

So I am just naively surfin’ the Canon website when I see the following quote that just made me laugh:

Megaleistung durch Megapixel

(engl.: “Megapixel for Megapower”). Come on every camera has multiple of those “Mega” pixels nowadays. So that’s not quite the best way to get people interested in your product or is it? I read on and saw that this specific monster has 16.x of those MEGA pixels. Rollands comment: “By the time you have the money to pay for this type of camera they count gigapixels!”

Which camera? The EOS-1Ds Mark II (Neu).

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories