Life Backup

Who hasn’t yet tried to mesh reality and computer games or programs?

Terra Nova: I thought we could pick up that mailbox

“I’ve been using the computer for so long, and command-Z works for undo in all the software programs,” Hoffman said. “So whenever I find something in my life that I want to undo, I reach for the command-Z keys and I find it weird that it doesn’t work.”

Which reminds me of the time I was playing civ so much that when I went shopping and forgot my wallet at home my first thought was: “I need to reload and start over …..”

It was like going to school without homework and if by chance the teacher wanted to see yours, there would surely be some save game …

Oh and read the comments of that article. Hilarious 🙂

Mario Kart is not a good way to prepare for long car drives!

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