CS vs Software Development

Not that I agree on everything (particularly because I have not followed all the points he makes) here’s an interesting quote from Joel’s College Advice:

The moral of the story is that computer science is not the same as software development. If you’re really really lucky, your school might have a decent software development curriculum, although, they might not, because elite schools think that teaching practical skills is better left to the technical-vocational institutes and the prison rehabilitation programs. You can learn mere programming anywhere. We are Yale University, and we Mold Future World Leaders. You think your $160,000 tuition entititles you to learn about while loops? What do you think this is, some fly-by-night Java seminar at the Airport Marriott? Pshaw.

Oh so true!

(Mind that in the article there’s also a paragraph why CS is still a good thing to study …. and I wouldn’t have done anything else … but still ….!)

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories