Cheese online?

Until a few days ago I had no idea that people – some obviously do – order cheese online. There is a whole bunch of shops …. and take a look at this.

+ Camembert Calvados
+ Brie de Meaux
+ Munster
+ Reblochon
+ Comté Reserve, Sommer 2002
+ Roquefort Carles (Schaf)
+ Selles-sur-Cher (Ziege)

Just makes you drool, doesn’t it? Except the price just screams “reality-check” …. but we should go to France shop some cheese, baguette and wine and don’t eat anything else for a whole day sometime soon! I need a bite of Époisses! What kind of heretic talk is that about a “pungent” smell? The king of cheese has a very fine champagne scent anyone who dares say anything else will have to answer to me! Want cheese now – beam me some cheese, Scotty! …. hmmmmm this selection really makes me think about web-ordering cheese. We really need to go shopping or else …. something bad will happen.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories