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Cameras & Lenses

I still haven’t read enough reviews to be able to decide on a camera to buy. But now I found out that to buy a lense worthy of a (digital) SLR camera like the Canon EOS 20D (currently highest on my list of “cameras I may buy”), I would have to spend nearly as much money on the lense as on the camera it seems.

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Well, if you’re going for *that* lens… of course there are various 3rd-party lensbuilders, or you can simply get a camera-lens bundle for a decent price. (And, of course, there’s not much use in getting a high-quality camera with a crappy lens… 😉

I promise I won’t buy a crappy lense …. Ute suggested having my Dad buy me the lense, since he started me on that track.

Now my next question: where do I find those 3rd party lensbuilders? Because the site Psycho told me about dpreview has lots of camera reviews but none about lenses.

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