Camera Buying Update

Just back from the next practical test.

I tested both the Canon EOS20D and the Nikon D70 side by side with the Tamron lense I mentionned here.

Within one minute I managed to find a motif on which the Nikon AF just failed where the Canon managed easily. The lense at full zoom, the object in about 100cm distance: a plastic sign with a couple of odd reflexes in the upper right corner of the image. With a slightly different angle or bigger distance the AF of the Nikon would work and admittedly it is a mean trick to do. But that’s not the reason …..

I guess one shouldn’t compare the two because they are just not the same price category. It is not fair for the Nikon to have the Canon as competition because the Nikon is pretty nice, too. But for 500,- more the Canon is just those 500,- worth more convincing. I cannot quite put my finger on it because it is all the little details …..

I felt compelled to honor the good service I got at both the stores I went to. At the same time buying online is just so much cheaper. I don’t have a problem buying electronics at amazon or other big online shops. It is nearly 300,- difference in price for the complete set: camera, lense, compact flash and camera bag. At Saturn they actually got close to the price I set for myself for buying “offline” but the camera they had at the store was flawed (something wrong with the flash). At Karstadt on the other hand they would go down by just 1 cent. I understand the difference between an online shop and a place like Karstadt, but a difference of 300,- is not something I can afford to neglect.

PS: my tip for you, if you don’t consider spending as much money as the EO20D costs, don’t even get near the camera, you’ll regret it.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories