It was pretty cold and I nearly froze off my toes. No joke. -30°C (ok with wind) …. so we never got to go to Mont Fort this year. I still took a lot of pictures and I’ll make a gallery of the best and I’ll upload a few at flickr.

The apartment was right next to the ski-lift with a great view (don’t ask how many of our photos were taken from the balcony), a fireplace and lots of wineglasses.

The snow was good except where stones came through (yeah our neighbors said they had never seen so little snow there at the end of january for the past 15 or so years. It snowed the first 1.5 days we were in Veysonnaz and after that sunshine and cold.

There are landscapes and black & white shots up on flickr.

The Sun

I like this picture but the sun in the center is way too bright. Even with post-processing I couldn’t get the detail out. More contrast doesn’t help at all. I guess I’ll have to do some more target practice 🙂

(This is also supposed to be a test entry for my new BlogThisPhoto format at flickr)

Next up: trying to set up a photoblog with pictorialis. Why this tool? It’s derived from wordpress. That’s why. Because I already know wordpress.

Lucky Cases

Sometimes if you have a lot of test cases by chance they cover something that you never thought you needed to cover in your tests.

Today I am lucky. One two three bugs fixed before they ever got published.

Look it’s a lense!

I haven’t taken a picture of the lense and I haven’t taken one with it. But I have it.

Just gotta fix a couple of bugs and then ….. guess what I am going to do?

Remote Exit

As requested: How to remotely exit a program.

The program you want to exit needs some class that provides a remote interface. This interface should contain some method that will be implemented to stop the application. To make things nice you might want to program some Shutdownhooks and plug them into Runtime.getRuntime().addShutdownHook(…).
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So today we went out to maybe find a store where I could buy (and of course return) a lense until I get the one I web-ordered. Anyway I didn’t feel like ripping of any of the few small left-over specialized photo stores and I didn’t want to go to any of the two places where I didn’t buy the camera because web was cheaper. So there were too electronics gadgets markets left to try for a lense: Multimediamarkt & Makromarkt.

The result of our lense odyssee? Well quite funny actually.
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M$ SP2 & Bluetooth sucks

Just what am I supposed to do with your CENSORED bluetooth drivers? Cannot install the software that I have because it cannot find the device because CENSORED windows just grabs everything …. hellloooooo maybe I do not want your CENSORED drivers!!!!!

All CENSORED @ M$. Thanks tons for making Service Pack 2.

Which is totally incompatible with my bluetooth software. Now what? I can either re-install windows or sell my bluetooth adapter and get one whose drivers weren’t broken.
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I am holding it in my hands

Fast, faster, fastest that’s how my money went out to save the economy …. at least the electronics market.

So what do I do with a camera without a lense?

Yes, that’s what you get for paying 70,- less. Guess I’ll have to wait till next week unless someone can tell me where I can borrow a lense for a Canon EOS20D for three or four days. See that’s what I thought. No such place exception.