This Year’s Resolutions

So how did my New Year’s Resolutions 2004 do over the year?

  • check – lose those last 7kg on my way to a healthy weight (-3 kg since new years)
  • (much better) – eat healthy and generally live healthy (working on it)
  • check – go skiing
  • no 🙁 – have a great long summer vacation with Rolland (that we missed out on that one is the biggest miss of the year!)
  • check – get my Dad a great present for his 60st birthday (he got a party presented by me and my sister)
  • check – get chairs for our kitchen (we still need to buy two more!)
  • check – get lamps and a carpet for the living room and other paraphernalia for the apartment
  • no 🙁 – finally start on saving money for my pension
  • check – stay in contact with everyone (could have been better though)
  • no 🙁 – write (blogging does not qualify!)
  • no 🙁 – finish my ua campaign
  • no 🙁 – GM some of the games I bought (way too little gaming this year)
  • no 🙁 – find the rest of the people who graduated with me (I didn’t find any more time after March for this endeavour)
  • (better than 2003) – do some sports (basketball, gym whatever it takes) (I went to the gym for three months and in summer I started climbing more often but not enough)
  • check – move my domains to the rootserver
  • check – cancel the aikido club membership (we haven’t gone for over a year now)
  • (better than 2003) – remember everybody’s birthday
  • no 🙁 – take another look at my French and Spanish books
  • check – go to Spiel 2004
  • check – go to one or two festivals this summer (M’era Luna probably) (yes we went to M’era Luna)
  • check – don’t forget any doctor’s appointments (my tungsten improved my calendar skills greatly)
  • hmmm – host a party to play the werewolf game (we played the game but not at a specific party for the game)
  • check – do a good job at work (I dare say I did)
  • check – learn more about linux/computers/science
  • check – improve my software development process (bought a lot of books on software development later in the year and read most of them completely!)

I guess the results are average. I think I am going to start a new list for next year now 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories