Wired News: Blogs May Be a Wealth Hazard

BILD headlines at Wired? Wired News: Blogs May Be a Wealth Hazard

What do a flight attendant in Texas, a temporary employee in Washington and a web designer in Utah have in common? They were all fired for posting content on their blogs that their companies disapproved of.

Actually it is not so hard really when you think about it. Don’t think you can blog anonymously. Currently I try to write my posts so that anyone I work with or my parents could read it. Of course that limits some of my rants. It’s a small price to pay to feel secure in what you write.

Of course it may be fun to find out first-hand that M$ is using Mac hardware. If the leak can be traced to you, it is not so much fun as the temp mentionned above had to find out.

Quake: Karlsruhe

Wir sind gerade beide gleichtzeitig aufgewacht, weil bei uns das Haus gewackelt hat aber nicht zu knapp. Ich hab mich gut erschreckt. Wir haben leider nicht herausgefunden, ob einfach nur ein paar Strassen weiter ein Schwertransport vorbeigefahren ist oder ob die Erde echt gebebt hat, aber vielleicht wollen wi r es auch gar nicht wissen. Aber seltsam ist schon wenn das Bett sich mitten in der Nacht auf einmal unmotiviert bewegt und Dinge in der Wohnung rascheln und quietschen.

edit Und heute morgen schau ich nochmal nach und finde dann auch was auf spiegel.de (wo sonst).

Think once: automate!

I have read a couple of software development books lately. All of them very easy reads, stuff for beginners. I am trying to practice what they preach and I find that my work has become easier.

I have (as of now) completed a new step in the Joel Test:

Can you make a build in one step?

Yes I can, this time I really can. Thx to “Pragmatic Project Automation” I will hopefully be adding the “daily builds” soon, too. Right now I have a controlled and fully automated build, that makes no errors as opposed to me: I keep forgetting things. I can even run my rmi server and the test client in one step and stop everything after the test in a controlled manner (well if you call perl controlled …).

I feel much more secure about this code than any other I have written before. I can see a definite improvement in my process in comparison to the last projects … Somehow everything keeps falling into place and I can be much more relaxed and have more fun at work … What did I want to say with all this? Uhm: no idea. I am having fun and I think I am learning a lot about software development.

Burn, ant, burn ….

So I got thinking, now that I took so much care to document every single method and parameter in my new project it was time I take a look at the java-doc …. I run my ant task only to discover that it produced a vague something that didn’t match my expectations. Me thinks: geez something went wrong with your javadoc task, did I include all the packages? So I look at the build file and voila my javadoc task is pretty short. Hey let’s read the ant documentation.

Now I don’t want any more javadoc because the stupid task has a gazillion of options that can be set and I will probably need all day to find out what I need.

Argl. On the other hand I got my “production vs. test” mode handling on the way.


edit okokok, so all I was missing was “.*” But they changed that sometime in the last year (since I last used the javadoc utility!)