Nightly Automation

Because I am lazy and because I like testing new features and because this blog has few visitors I am now running on the current nightly build and I made a script that updates to the latest nightly build in about 10 seconds. Take care: I tested it and it works for me, but neither… Continue reading Nightly Automation

Sorry, we’re closed

I’ll close comments regularly on old posts now. Because I am sick sick sick of spam comments and sick of updating my kill list every day. This is worse than email spam. Just a few statistics to show you how sick I am of spammers: there are at least 10 swear words missing from the… Continue reading Sorry, we’re closed

Implementation code inside interfaces

Someone at work told me about this java newsletter: The Java Specialists’ Newsletter . I am trying to catch up with some old issues. It is verry interesting though the issue linked contains code that is trying to deadlock my brain.

ebay rss

My search for an rss feed on my personal ebay stuff turned up this: Custom eBay Searches Delivered by RSS Which is not quite what I was looking for but still good.

Google Suggests

Google Suggest a new beta feature. Test it, try it and guess how they do it. Via Googleblog.


Spiegel schreibt: Darf der Bund Studiengebuehren bundesweit untersagen? Darueber hat das Verfassungsgericht am Dienstag verhandelt. Die Juristen von Bildungsministerin Edelgard Bulmahn muessen mindestens vier der acht Richter ueberzeugen, aber das Scharmuetzel im Gerichtssaal zeigte: Das rot-gruene Prestigeprojekt des Gebuehrenverbots steht vor dem Aus. Die Regierung will keine, die Studenten wollen keine, aber die Länder wollen… Continue reading Studiengebuehren

In my humble opinion

Ich nehme die Dinge immer so persönlich. Besonders bei schriftlichen Diskussionen fühle ich mich schnell missverstanden oder persönlich angegriffen. In mindestens zwei Fällen, an die ich mich sehr gut erinnere ist es auf Grund von derartigen Diskussionen zu echtem Streit gekommen. Beide Streitfälle haben zu einem Verlust an gutem Willen meinerseits gegenüber dem anderen Streithahn… Continue reading In my humble opinion

Concurrency Classes

JDK 5.0 has some absolutely fancy additions in the java.util.concurrent package for which there was a cool concurrency tutorial on ibm developerworks the other day (must register for tutorial!) … I think that some/most of this was available in Doug Lea’s concurrency package before … right now I find it very fascinating how complex seemingly… Continue reading Concurrency Classes

Debugging is fun?

Ibm has had a couple of very interesting articles on developerworks lately, today this came in: Learn the essentials of debugging Since I have had “issues” with debugging, I decided it would probably worth a read.