Burn, ant, burn ….

So I got thinking, now that I took so much care to document every single method and parameter in my new project it was time I take a look at the java-doc …. I run my ant task only to discover that it produced a vague something that didn’t match my expectations. Me thinks: geez something went wrong with your javadoc task, did I include all the packages? So I look at the build file and voila my javadoc task is pretty short. Hey let’s read the ant documentation.

Now I don’t want any more javadoc because the stupid task has a gazillion of options that can be set and I will probably need all day to find out what I need.

Argl. On the other hand I got my “production vs. test” mode handling on the way.


edit okokok, so all I was missing was “.*” But they changed that sometime in the last year (since I last used the javadoc utility!)

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