Waiting again

So I am home waiting for the chair. If they still plan on coming, they are nearly 45 minutes behind the original delivery interval of 8-9a.m.

I guess such people do not care that I have to go work sometime soon. Just because I can arrange my worktime flexibly does not necessarily mean I want to. I just don’t feel like coming home at 6p.m. just because they cannot make a working schedule for their deliveries.

Argl. Not that I am too keen on working with my cold and all. But there is work to do and I cannot just simply stay home all day.

addendum this makes me so mad I feel sick now. I just called the store and they say the delivery guy was here and nobody opened. the freakin’ door was open he would just have needed to push. oh WTF is wrong with people? all stupid? braindead? something else. now guess: I have a third date for the delivery. tomorrow in the afternoon … they are probably going to be there early. I’ll need to leave from work early to be here. oh fuck. is it so hard? they now know that the door-bell is broken, the door is open and we are the only flat on the second story … if it is not going to work tomorrow I think I might kill somebody. I know why they asked me to pay them a 20% advance …..

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories

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  1. Well this sounds sooo familiar.
    I hate all f*@#ing delivery guys (except Fry, of course)

    Good luck 🙂

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