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The whole day I was working on figuring out the question I needed to ask to find out what my problem was or wether I had a problem. I finally found my question and got my answer.

Did you ever notice that all the good ideas occur to you while either trying to go to sleep, taking a hot bath or on your way home from work? Well I regularly notice, but still noone will let me go to sleep more often or soak in a hot tub all day. Going home from work is also a very time-limited activity if you live 10 minutes from your workplace (by bike! going slow!).

Anyhow I might have come to my solution much faster had I thought of the (newfound?) possibility to see the source of the java class libraries in eclipse (I am really sure it wasn’t always that way) or alternatively read the javadoc of the Socket class twice (see title). This way I spent half of the day thinking up a question … but I learned something and at least now I am sure that Sockets work exactly that way.

The question? Well I asked “Is it possible to get neither a connect nor a connection refused?” Answer: “Yes of course.” Rather trivial, I know but I really do not want to explain the reasons behind the question. Well I am really like a newborn networking genius. Who expects a newborn to talk tcp when it’s a week old? The questions will become less trivial soon, I promise 😉

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories