Scary news of yesterday

I find it scary that you can get a lung fissure from sneezing. (too bad I cannot find the source of that report on tv yesterday as I do not even remember which tv station it was on)

Bed Blogging

Seems I’ll have to give up on that as my connectivity is terrible in the bedroom. The access point is right next room nevertheless my wavelan card keeps deciding it’s a good idea to loose the signal. I am not sure where the fault lies as the whole setup is now nearly three years old.… Continue reading Bed Blogging

Guess who

tried to chat to me a couple days ago and when I didn’t answer (because I was playing Heroes of Might and Magic III and just didn’t notice) said: “Well then, I guess I will stay seated on the toilet all by myself here in X.” I know you know 🙂 There is only one.… Continue reading Guess who

Upside down

We saw “Fahrenheit 9/11” on TV yesterday, not much news but some interesting connections I had not known about. Another sign that the current administration of the largest democracy in the world does not believe in democracy is this: Related note: If you are planning to vote after work today, or late in the day,… Continue reading Upside down

Refactoring targets

It is generally a good idea to not put any functionality into classes that represent data. I knew that when I wrote the code that I am now rewriting. Save yourself the time it takes to write that relative sentence and follow the rules you remember.

Spam spam spam spam

I rarely get any real comments which is sad because sometimes I’d like feedback but I know there are few who read the blog so it doesn’t really matter. The last few days or even weeks I’ve had hundreds of spam comments most of which have been caught by the nice filtering wordpress does. Some… Continue reading Spam spam spam spam