Dinner for Ten

This year my Dad turned 60. My sister and I wanted to make a special present for the occasion. The first idea was a scanner for slides and photo negatives. My Dad has thousands of ‘dias’ collected from vacations of the last 40 years or so. Our idea was to start scanning some and give… Continue reading Dinner for Ten

No news here.

Titel: “Hart gegen Iran” Ein Interview mit einem Bush Berater. Interessantester Punkt Leider gibt es Regierungschefs in Europa, die glauben, dass sie die Feindschaft gegenüber den USA für ihre kurzfristigen politischen Ziele noch anheizen sollten. Manche wollen damit Wahlen gewinnen, andere ihre Bevölkerung überzeugen, die neue europäische Verfassung zu billigen. Die EU ist ein Kunstprodukt.… Continue reading No news here.

Info spammers

Maybe you didn’t know yet – but I just studied my referer logs (safely hidden away behind passwords or at least I hope safely hidden away …) – well and I have about a thousand hits from different referers all .info domains trying to give me “loans” to pay my “mortagage” or win tons of… Continue reading Info spammers

My chair is here

and the color nearly matches the red of the new Liber Cantiones 😉 It feels a bit like doing sports to sit on this one. I adjusted everything and now I am cool. Verry cool. I should take and post a picture. Well it seems to be a non-trivial thing to get the pics from… Continue reading My chair is here

Logging Idiom

I am not yet sure wether the following is a useful idiom for logging of exceptions. It may depend on the special case of the software you are writing. It’s worth to think about logging because good logging can make a developer’s life much easier and not only for debugging purposes! if(LOG.isDebugEnabled()){ LOG.error(“An exception was… Continue reading Logging Idiom

How to be Google?

Very interesting article (speculating) about successfull companies and their secrets to success in Ubiquity in the Internet Age (Jeremy Zawodny’s blog) 1. do something useful really really well 2. put the user in control by allowing access to your data and services in an easy and unrestricted way 3. share the wealth And it is… Continue reading How to be Google?

Gamemaster Favoritism

The topic of the latest issue of the Roleplaying Tips newsletter which is always a worthwile read. Here’s a fun paragraph from the article on “GM Favoritism”. Consider how my friend, who will not be named, responded to his exposure to GM favoritism. Here is what he wrote to me: “(I resent) ignoring what players… Continue reading Gamemaster Favoritism

Maybe something good

about Bush winning re-election: no one has to change their attitude. On the news it was said today a Kerry-win would have put a lot of pressure on ‘Old Europe’ to change their attitude and maybe finally participate in the blood-bath that is Iraq. It was even suggested that our own chancellor’s re-election in 2006… Continue reading Maybe something good

Waiting again

So I am home waiting for the chair. If they still plan on coming, they are nearly 45 minutes behind the original delivery interval of 8-9a.m. I guess such people do not care that I have to go work sometime soon. Just because I can arrange my worktime flexibly does not necessarily mean I want… Continue reading Waiting again