Everything at once

I should have known. Everything always happens at once. Only this time I would really have liked to be at two of the places …. as much as I wanted to have another week-end of DSA, I have wanted to go to the Con at Kirchheim Teck for years and never found out before it… Continue reading Everything at once

Bug Resolution

I need to accept bugs as part of the process, just like I needed to see that exception handling is part of the code. Neither should be treated with condescension because they don’t take it well and the revenge will hurt. There are always bugs to be fixed and exceptions to be handled. Treated right… Continue reading Bug Resolution


Oops. I just noticed that with 500 lines my build file is probably the biggest file on my project.

Geek and Proud

A long long time ago “geek” used to have negative connotations. Nowadays that’s changed. Still sometimes, one should suppress geekiness – just as not to go overboard. Luckily the culprit does not read this – I think. The other three witnesses do. Oh yes blasphemy …. I know mailing-lists are cool 😉 … still chuckling.… Continue reading Geek and Proud

Code Generation

Does my computer have the voice of Helen Hunt? I sometimes think it is more Eddie Murphy … well here’s an article on modern code generation sceptics and why they are cute: David Rupp’s Blog: Code Generation Here’s what’s really happening: Your code: (see above) Your computer: (sounding pretty much like your toaster) blah, blah,… Continue reading Code Generation

Soziale Brötchenwirtschaft

Gestern kam im Fernsehen eine Sendung ĂŒber einen BĂ€cker, der Sozial- und Besserverdienerbrötchen verkauft hat. Manche haben die Brötchen billiger bekommen, weil sie bereitwillig ihre finanzielle Situation erklĂ€rt (und belegt) haben und einen bĂŒrokratischen Antrag auf billige Brötchen gestellt haben und manche haben freiweillig etwas mehr gezahlt. So funktioniert das. Der BĂ€cker hat am Ende… Continue reading Soziale Brötchenwirtschaft

40 Stunden

Die Loesung des Tages Die 40-Stunden-Wochen bespw.: in den Boom-Branchen wird eh mehr gearbeitet, und bei Opel am Band hat man schon fuer 35 Stunden nicht genug zu tun. Es muesste also, wenn ueberhaupt, ein Vorschlag her, der viele Seiten beruecksichtigt, von der Branche bis zum Einzelfall. Und er muesste in den richtigen Kreisen verbreitet… Continue reading 40 Stunden

Domain Transfers

Via Slashdot comes this link: Netcraft: Domain Transfers (and Hijackings) to Become Easier Domain names could become easier to hijack as a change in domain transfer rules takes effect Friday. Under new rules set by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), domain transfer requests will be automatically approved in five days unless… Continue reading Domain Transfers

In Memoriam TA

Just another toy the geek needs in his office: Gizmodo : Room Defender Sentry Turret The Room Defender is a $33 tripod-mounted, foam disc-shooting weapon that has a motion sensor to detect intruders