Maybe something good

about Bush winning re-election: no one has to change their attitude.

On the news it was said today a Kerry-win would have put a lot of pressure on ‘Old Europe’ to change their attitude and maybe finally participate in the blood-bath that is Iraq. It was even suggested that our own chancellor’s re-election in 2006 would be more probable because he will be able “to show more profile against Bush”. Or as gruesome as BILD (if the usual suspects of the yellow press are a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, than BILD must be a natural 20) put it – via BILDblog:

Unter Bush werden die USA als Supermacht weiterhin die Hauptlast in dem von den islamistischen Fanatikern einseitig erklärten “Heiligen Krieg” tragen – militärisch, finanziell und auch beim Blutzoll.

(roughly translates as: With Bush the USA will continue to pay the highest cost of the Holy War the Islamists wage – military, financially and with their lives…)

So yeah that’s not quite positive or the thing most people want to hear right now. I must note again that this comes from a newspaper trying to make WWII bombings of Dresden an issue in the Queen’s visit to Germany.

I guess Dabbeliu won’t manage to conjure the apocalypse tomorrow as some pessimistic voices seem to believe he will. I am surprised how so many Germans are interested in US politics all of a sudden (oh well I guess since the beginning of the campaigns) and get so depressed over the results of an election they had absolutely no part in!

Mac has posted a few good articles with an attitude on pesky apostrophe

[…]I realized that today is no different from yesterday. There’s still a poorly planned war going on in Iraq where Coalition soldiers and innocent Iraqis are dying. People still don’t have jobs or healthcare. bin Laden is still at large and al Qaeda is recruiting people hand over fist thanks to this administration’s short-sighted foreign policy. And that should depress me, but it doesn’t. All it means is that Bush made his bed, and now he’s going to have to lie in it. […]

and over here our own problems seem a lot smaller ….

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