Info spammers

Maybe you didn’t know yet – but I just studied my referer logs (safely hidden away behind passwords or at least I hope safely hidden away …) – well and I have about a thousand hits from different referers all .info domains trying to give me “loans” to pay my “mortagage” or win tons of money with “online poker” or tell me about “refinancing”, “credits” or “credit fraud” or “digital cameras” or “online flower sending” … all from .info domains. The favorite spammers’ top-level domain. How did that happen?

Sadly, I think as there are solutions creeping up the horizon to finish with email spam once and for all, the spammers have found refuge in the possiblitites the WWW has to offer … spamming my comments, spamming my referer logs …. except maybe they just cannot be as successfull because many many people have email and are not really tech-savy. Your own homepage or commenting feature just requires a little more knowledge and maybe this goes hand in hand with being intelligent enough not to follow the spammers to their den????

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories