Guess who

tried to chat to me a couple days ago and when I didn’t answer (because I was playing Heroes of Might and Magic III and just didn’t notice) said: “Well then, I guess I will stay seated on the toilet all by myself here in X.”

I know you know 🙂 There is only one.

Now I’ll be going to take my daily herbal bath against the cold that’s been plagueing me for nearly two weeks now. And if all goes well tomorrow morning I’ll get my new red “Chef-Sessel” also called office chair: in the fine tradition of late deliveries et al (see below) the delivery that should have been made today was canceled because the driver’s car had a break-down. I waited in vain for one and a half hours and was about to be very pissed off when the phone rang. The store had managed to look-up my home-phone in the telephone book and called me only 30 minutes after the supposed to delivery should have happened (at the very latest!) which kind of made up for the trouble because I guess it’s my own fault to give them only my office number. They managed to call my office on Friday on 5:30p.m. to tell me the chair was ready! When I wasn’t there, I got an email at least telling me the same information 🙂 So if I get my chair tomorrow between 8-9a.m. that went pretty well. I haven’t had many stores manage to send me an email when my ‘wares’ arrived …..

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories