Gamemaster Favoritism

The topic of the latest issue of the Roleplaying Tips newsletter which is always a worthwile read. Here’s a fun paragraph from the article on “GM Favoritism”.

Consider how my friend, who will not be named, responded to
his exposure to GM favoritism. Here is what he wrote to me:
“(I resent) ignoring what players are saying until after a
matter is resolved. I have personally and book-legally
sacked and destroyed many a game for being overlooked when
everyone else got their say and chance to act. Most players
will complain after being ignored for four hours after a
game, some will make sure they are never forgotten again.”

My friend, by the way, has honed his campaign breaking
skills since writing these words. He now works a second job
as a freelance campaign assassin. Disgruntled players
actually hire him to infiltrate gaming groups, kill player
characters, wreck settings, and make it all look like
someone else’s fault. I know the Campaign Assassin, so don’t
push me. 😉

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By Yashima

Writer of code and stories