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I rarely get any real comments which is sad because sometimes I’d like feedback but I know there are few who read the blog so it doesn’t really matter. The last few days or even weeks I’ve had hundreds of spam comments most of which have been caught by the nice filtering wordpress does. Some get through every day lately as the spammers learn my filtering rules. Not that it matters, I delete everything it only takes a couple minutes and I adapt my filters.

If you post a regular comment that does not appear on the page after you hit submit, I might delete it along with the dozens of spam comments I get all the time, I am really sorry if I ever delete one of the few normal comments I get but I just cannot guarantee that. I just thought I’d whine some about the spam problem which is worse on my blog than in my email inbox 🙁

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Also ich lese Deine Blogs (außer die mit Pragrammierzeugs). Ich gebe auch mehr oder weniger sinnfreie Kommentare ab.

    BTW: auf sind die Kommenatre mutiert.

  2. It didn’t 🙂 You didn’t use any of the infamous medications or many links or tried to sell me a new X-card or a loan or drag me into an online playhouse … or some porn. I do hope my own comment doesn’t get ‘moderated’. And to tell the truth: I am not commenting a lot myself on all the blogs I _try_ to read regulary.

  3. I had some fun with a fresh wordpress install I did some days ago for a new blog. I had comment spam for entries that didn’t even exist yet. This didn’t appear on the site until the corresponding entry has been created. Very funny.

    Only renaming wp-comments.php helped.

  4. How does renaming wp-comments help? Is it really automated like that. Why did nobody tell me …. I’ll try that, cannot be too complicated and I am getting waaaay too many spam comments.

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