Bed Blogging

Seems I’ll have to give up on that as my connectivity is terrible in the bedroom. The access point is right next room nevertheless my wavelan card keeps deciding it’s a good idea to loose the signal. I am not sure where the fault lies as the whole setup is now nearly three years old.

I dropped the access point on the floor a couple times. It was never particularly great but it still seems to work.

I remember how in the early days the pcmcia slots would burn out if confronted with the wrong card.

The card may simply be dead?

Most often when I take out the card and re-insert it I have connectivity for a while and sometimes it stays for hours and sometimes it keeps dying on me every few seconds. Sometimes it helps to have a ping to the server running in the background sometimes it doesn’t. I am no networking expert and I am glad all this works as well as it does (most of the time) but not being able to surf in bed (sometimes like today) sucks.

By the way ping. From my experiments with the notebook I know that ping sometimes returns with a valid signal after like a minute. Which is really dumb if you need to check ping on some thousand servers every few minutes. I mean: I cannot wait a minute for each computer. My Question: how long is a good period to wait and know there is trouble brewing with that one if it takes longer than interval X to respond?

Oh and if anyone feels like giving me a powerbook for X-mas – please don’t hesitate to do so!

By Yashima

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