Golden Rules: Read twice!

I should have spent more time on the documentation for java 5.0 because I could have saved myself the trouble of implementing stuff the old way: Enums Constant-specific methods are reasonably sophisticated, and many programmers will never need to use them, but it is nice to know that they are there if you need them.… Continue reading Golden Rules: Read twice!

Do you trust your doctor?

Right now I can’t shake the feeling that they are all greedy little monkeys just out to get my money. (and nowadays preferably my money as opposed to my insurance’s money!) By the way I would really like to blame someone for all this … Right now I am compensating by eating a tasty piece… Continue reading Do you trust your doctor?

Something I missed? is absolutely slow today. Well it wasn’t this morning? DOS? Too many fans? Something else? Hey, I want a new thunderbird ….Want want want ….. do you hear my consumerist screaming? update: the moment I wrote this article the site is back? weird? no just the same as the trucks pulling… Continue reading


The WoW preorder package for Europe is sold out at …. so the pre-orders for the pre-orders are sold out. And the US has launched and people are waiting 2 hours to go online on one of the 40+ servers (8x as many as diablo2) … You know I’ll be mad if I don’t… Continue reading Scandalous!

Locales + Encodings: The Final Chapter

Hopefully this has been the last time I had such trouble with encodings. I think I finally managed to understand what caused all the troubles and how to avoid them in the future. dpkg-reconfigure locales (mine are 75-78, notably de_DE.utf-8) export LANG=de_DE.utf-8 “file” actually checks iso/utf-8 files correctly (otherwise use hexdumps and encoding manpages!) Read… Continue reading Locales + Encodings: The Final Chapter


A bug you cannot a reproduce is a bug you cannot safely fix! That is what I learned for today.

Buildnumber Task

An interesting (new to me) ant task is <buildnumber/> Now that I own the “Pragmatic Project Automation” book I have started to streamline and automate my build process to finally bring everything under control. While surfing the ant documentation for new tasks I stumbled upon the BuildNumber task. What it does is really simple. It… Continue reading Buildnumber Task

Unknown Armies – Die deutsche Übersetzung

Hier noch der Rollenspiel Shopping Tip des Monats: Unknown Armies. Ein Rollenspiel ueber Macht und Konsequenzen. Na ja ihr muesst wohl noch ein bisschen warten, denn der aktuelle Erscheinungstermin ist Januar 2005. Ich werde mir auf jeden Fall eines holen! Und ihr solltet auch. UA ist ein geniales Rollenspiel und die deutsche Übersetzung wurde von… Continue reading Unknown Armies – Die deutsche Übersetzung